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If your carpet has seen better days, contact Portsmouth Carpet Fitter for carpet stretching services.

The Importance Of Carpet Stretching

Even if your wall-to-wall carpeting was professionally installed, it can develop issues over time. When you’ve had carpet in place for a long time, you might start noticing wrinkles and waves. At best, these can detract from the appearance of your carpet – and at worst, they could even trip people walking on it!

When you’re dealing with these issues, it’s time to ask yourself “where can I find carpet stretching near me?” If you live in South East England, the answer is Portsmouth Carpet Fitter. We offer excellent carpet stretching services at affordable prices, and we’ve become the region’s most respected carpet company as a result.

What Causes Carpet Wrinkles?

There are a number of factors that can result in wrinkles or waves in wall-to-wall carpeting. Here are some that are particularly common:

Subpar Carpet Installation
Installing carpeting yourself or going with a contractor offering rock-bottom prices can save you money in the short term, but it can come back to bite you later on. If your carpet wasn’t correctly stretched while it was being installed, it could easily start loosening up before you know it. (Want to make sure your next carpet is installed by a qualified company? Check out our carpet fitting services.)

On the other hand, any wall-to-wall carpet can show wrinkles and waves if it’s been in place for a long time. If you want to keep your existing carpet for a while longer, carpet re-stretching can help.

Moving heavy furniture on carpeting – or even having this furniture in place – can eventually reduce your carpet’s tension. That can lead to the development of wrinkles and waves.

Does your room often get excessively hot or humid? If so, your carpet could start wrinkling – especially if it was recently installed. 

Steam Cleaners
Steam cleaning can be an effective way to clean carpet, but it can also have unintended side effects. If the moisture this process introduces can’t escape your carpet, wrinkles and waves could show up as a result.

Signs Your Carpet Needs Stretching

Wrinkles or waves are an obvious sign that it’s time to stretch your carpets, but they aren’t the only thing to keep an eye out for. If your carpeting pulls up at your room’s edges, or if smaller bubbles or lumps have formed, you may need to have it stretched soon.

Not sure whether or not it’s time to seek out carpet re-stretching services? Get in touch with Portsmouth Carpet Fitter. We can come to your home for an inspection – with our carpeting expertise, we’ll know exactly how well your carpet is holding up.

How We Stretch Your Carpet

If we believe your carpet has become loose, we can quickly move on to the next step: the actual carpet stretching process. First of all, we’ll carefully peel back your carpet, taking precautions to avoid damaging carpet fibres and underlay.

Once the carpet has been peeled back, we’ll take out your old or crushed tack strips and put in new ones. We’ll also dispose of the tack strips we remove, as their sharp nail points can be dangerous if they aren’t disposed of properly.

Finally, we’ll use our carpet stretching tools to actually stretch the carpet. When we’re done, you’ll have the carpet you love – now free of wrinkles and waves! Better yet, our carpet re-stretching cost will be as low as possible while not compromising on workmanship.

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Is Carpet Stretching worth it?

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